How Garen should have looked like @Riot

or how he SHOULD look someday: this bothers me since years. and now i just leave this here. have a nice weekend! ________ **Edit: ** it seems you all have a strange view of art and style. Current Garen looks like an unimmersive, cringy toysoldier. Compare him to e.g. Darius. Darius might be slightly edgy, but he looks at least reasonable. like a real fighter with more or less "realistic" sizes and looks. Garen is just a joke visually. Heck, even old Garen looked better (if you know his old model). Yes he is a two hander, but: 1. his sword looks just bad (if you REALLY find the cool sword in the pic above bad, its even worser than this. like really worser) 2. you can change him in his (hopefully visually rework to to a one-hander with shield to define him more from Darius + the only toplaner with a classic weapon/shield is atm Pantheon. I don't know what guys commented on my post, but it seems they don't wanna have a more realistic badass Garen in the game...? really don't believe you are trolls. **->** btw the pic above was just an example. cause his sword looked cool, the armor was far better fitting to his body etc (yeah it looks a bit too much etc) and his face looks far prettier than the feeble-minded looking brute we have currently in the game. i also think, since he is the brother of lux, to give him blonder hair which also would delimit him more from dark haired Darius. hope you had a great weekend! cheers! :)
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