There needs to be special "upon dying" dialogue for future Champions and VO updates

Certain Champions have special lines for when they kill another particular Champion. Jhin's got a lot of them, actually. But presently, no Champion has special dialogue for when they are KILLED by another particular Champion. (Yes, Lucian has some death dialogue, but he doesn't have a unique line for when Thresh kills him.) To give you some examples: **{{champion:89}} dies to {{champion:131}} ** "Diana... why..." **{{champion:119}} dies to {{champion:122}} ** "N-Nice one, bro..." **{{champion:92}} dies to {{champion:27}} ** "N-No! Not like... this..." {{champion:55}} dies to {{champion:86}} "S-So rough..." {{champion:15}} dies to {{champion:69}} "You... treacherous... bitch..." {{champion:16}} dies to {{champion:19}} "You... beast..." You get the idea, right? So post your ideas, and maybe Riot could use a few of them whenever Champions get VO updates.
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