Curious Little Idea About a Man, a Mace, and a Lantern

I was listening to Mordekaiser’s quotes and was thinking, “That’s cool, a metal king chaining those he kills to eternal servitude.” Harvesting souls, adding them to his collection and using them to increase his powers. He got to the quotes about the Shadow Isles and how even the spirits there would serve him and I thought, “Mordekaiser knows the secrets to imprisoning souls in the afterlife. He also decides which ones to keep and which ones to discard.” That got me thinking. Perhaps that means that souls who prove useless to him, he’ll do away with? (The quote that I’m referencing specifically is the one that ends with, “Discard the chaff.”) If souls can be let go from eternal servitude and torment, then that means Mordekaiser possesses knowledge that would be very valuable to a certain gentleman by the name of Lucian. His wife, Siena, was trapped by Thresh and left inside his lantern for eternal torment. I suspect that Thresh and Mordekaiser use forms of necromancy that are closely related. Here comes my idea. How cool of story would it be if Lucian decides he’s going to find Mordekaiser and get him to tell him how to free his wife’s soul from Thresh? You might think, “Why on Runeterra, would Morde even bother?” Well, that’s not really a question I could answer. That’s Lucian’s problem lol. But nonetheless, an interesting quest to go on in search of information that might just free Lucian from the scars of the past and a perilous journey he’ll take to get there. It’s kinda cool, I think, and wanted to share. Maybe even get a Rioter’s thoughts on this {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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