My Nunu Appreciation, love Killaburn

First of all, I'm the one and only NUNU VGU Propagandist, Killaburn. You know me from my Nunu threads and sneaky nunu polls even though I'm not using that account anymore cause it got hacked LOL. Nevertheless, I'm ok with this Jonnyboy7 account so no worries :D ( Even though I miss that account lul :'( ) Throughout this year and last year, before nunu's rework in the roadmap was announced, I kept insisting riot onto reworking the boy and the yeti because of their awful visuals, dated kit, and their lore potential. I even sneak them in some polls in my past threads like "Who want to rework Nunu?, Yes, No, Jax is a darkin CONFIREMED!!". I even despise/dislike nunu at first because like what I've said, he looks derpy and ugly because of his old visual until I grew to love him. I also remembered the days, when I created threads on how riot can re-imagined his skins and some threads about prioritizing his VGU before other champs like Irelia and Swain. At one point I even rant about, specially the time when Irelia was announced in the October 2017 roadmap. At that time, I felt very angry and very depressed, I even said that I won't play this game anymore and wont post in the boards again. But then I realized, what if Nunu was the next rework after irelia, what if they didn't know what direction/position does nunu take in the lore, what if this is not the right time for a nunu rework, what if God has a greater plan for nunu that's why he's not next ,etc. The what if's gave me hope. It made me want to live more and see what Nunu will look like in the future, so I came back with glee and started posting thread again after that. That scenario made me stronger and loved nunu more. It's like I'm fighting for my child's right or something lol. Then the WAD files scenario and the Ability Splash icon update came, at first I was gonna lose hope again because at that time we didn't know if the WAD files updated was for skins only. Another one is that I was skeptical too because what company would waste material if they're gonna update some visuals of a champ them re-visualize them again in a short period of time. But then I remembered, This is not a small indie company anymore and they could do the impossible by removing their patterns,etc. So it gave me hope, specially that the WAD files has Akali which is a tier 1 VGU at the time and I remembered that, what if the ability icon splashes has worked on already but then was shelved and work on again by some artist and after that they published it. After months of waiting, the January roadmap came, I was so excited and nervous because Nunu may not be the next one to be VGUd. After reading the Akali part I was so heartbroken. But then, I remembered reav3 said that theirs something extra in the roadmap and Akali was one of the WAD files update with Nunu so I kept reading which is to my surprised is a snowball image and with the classification of a VGU. I was astonished and hype. I never thought it would be another champ because who in the tier one list of champs who uses a snowball? no one other than my love, Nunu. So after another months of waiting and after seeing the april roadmap. I said to myself, ok the hype train is now on bois and the nunu hype is now real. What made me happy is that my hard work payed off, specially creating nunu threads in the boards from my favorite sub board, Story, Art and Sound (Because I like leagues lore a lot). At that time, its now months of waiting and speculating before nunu comes up. Fast forward to akali's reveal, which is an Ok VGU imo but I didn't look forward to it because of my Nunu hype. its like she's just some obstacle to pass from to see nunu (Sorry akali mains). After her live deployment, I said to myself, Oh Sh*t its our turn bois and kept waiting until yesterday, I even created a patch prediction for nunu in the past couple of days and then yesterday the nunu leak came up. By looking to at it, I fell at love at first sight. I was speechless and my hypeness exploded. I said to myself, Its now nunu's time to shine and his yeti to be known and not some depry disco Nunu (which would be a great skin if you ask me, add disco ryze too with DJ sona doing the music lul). Plus, the yeti become more unique and interesting and now nunu looks like a real human boy. Then the trailer for him came out, I was so hype once more and watch the whole video. It leaved me with happy face in mind and I felt very whimsical and nostalgic because when I was young, I, was just like Nunu full of dreams and imagination which I missed btw. Most of his abilities remained in some way which is great like WW's VGU. His skin and splashes are great. Even in the nunu's mains subreddit, boards, youtube, etc. no one is complaining except some people who judged the leak image entirely and the edgelords ofc, insisting nunu to be a disney character like zoe. His Identity/essence in the lore even remained (The only thing that I'm sketchy about is how lissandra reveals herself in nunu's lore unless she's using a diff body/controlling it). Lastly, want made the nunu rework awesome is the fact that they're now called Nunu & Willump which is great specially by acknowledging the yeti. Overall, for me the rework turned out good, if not, the best rework yet bypassing the warwick rework's modernization. The only thing that I need to know is Nunu's abilities and numbers to know whether it can be superior to the WW rework. I also hope that theirs a skin in the works for them soon. Special thanks to my boards friends for supporting me through out the way, for reav3 guiding the champions team and nunu, for riot xenogenic and the whole nunu team for doing a nice rework for the child and the yeti. Kudos to the team. I also want to point out that don't lose hope if your champ doesn't get rework yet, cherish them until they're gone and fight for their right like what I've did in the past. I also want to point out that the next champ that I would support entirely getting the next VGU is Morde, Panth and Mundo. I wouldn't be surprise if they're not in the 2019 roaster. Killaburn, signing out. NUNU Threads in the past if your interested:
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