Riot can you comment on why the winners of Worlds can no longer pick the champ their skin goes to?

>"Riot asked them to submit 3 champions that they wanted skins for in order. He chose Lee Sin, Elise and Qiyana. He doesn't think Qiyana is a good idea now and really wants Lee Sin" Is it for financial reasons where you guys won't make a worlds skin for a champion that isn't popular enough? Is it because if a champion they pick already has/had a recent skin, you guys won't make the worlds skin for them? Is it due to maybe a future VGU being soon so you don't want to have to make the skin twice? Some clarification would be great. I feel like if someone dedicates their life to your game and wins the biggest yearly tournament, they should be able to just choose whichever champ they want (as long as it was played once at worlds). Why the sudden rule change?
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