Why are there no pro-Noxus factions in Ionia?

It seems like the whole of Ionia is of the same mind when it comes to Noxus. They must be pushed out, we must restore tradition, and we all agree more or less there is only one way to do that. Originally Karma, Irelia, and Zed each had conflicting ideals on how to deal with them. Karma was absolute pacifism; preaching as the spiritual leader of Ionia for absolutely 0 conflict, Zed was absolute aggression and going on the attack, while Irelia filled the middle ground of holding your ground and protecting your homes. Since then Karma has been rewritten to basically just ride the same boat as Irelia, and Zed has pushed the war onto the back burner to deal with Jhin. This leaves Ionia as a nation with a single hat, Noxus bad. Humans though are complex creatures that are inconsistent at the best of times, completely contradictory to ourselves without explanation being the norm. So why is there no group who are 100% behind Noxus; viewing them as a force that has come to shatter Ionia's perpetual state of stagnation and "Bring motion back to the balance." Or some other monk on a mountain top wisdom. From there you could break them up into subgroups, some who want Noxus to stay, viewing them as a missing part of Ionia it needs, while others just want them to shatter the status quo, then kick them out.
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