Elderwood vs Coven

So, with Elderwood having been announced to receive more skins, I've been left wondering why Coven hasn't received a skin in two years? In lore the two skin lines are in a battle against one another, leaving me to believe there are more Champions who are in the Coven. Elderwood Nocturne is an old god, which is what the Coven is... worshiping? I guess? Elderwood Veigar was driven mad by having gotten into contact with the madness the Coven is spreading. I'm just lost at why there's so much more info about the Elderwood than the Coven, when the Coven is literally the reason behind most of the Elderwoods lore? Like, all of them mention the corruption and evil the Coven has been bringing. Are we ever going to get anything more on it? Please.
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