A Second Batch of New Bios!

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i_yh-Z3oc2846t5iLJCubex9jma2nDWlhr-WWBBtUoA/edit With the most recent PBE update, we've gotten a whole new batch of updated bios for Champions who had lore on the Universe site, along with some all new pieces of lore that are unheard of. This could mean were going to finally get a bunch of new biographies and color stories! Along with that, we have some new surprising information that may interest all of you! {{champion:63}} Was a man named Kegan Rhode, a Freljordian who had betrayed his people and used a **WORLD RUNE.** This caused his soul to be burned out of his body, leaving Brand to take it over. Now, he roams the world searching for more World Runes to unleash massive destruction on the world. This explains why {{champion:13}} seems to have a special connection to him on the Universe site. {{champion:24}} is confirmed to be an Icathain 'weapons master,' and the last of his order. After his people unleashed the void on themselves, Jax now searches the world, challenging people to see if they are worthy of fighting alongside him. {{champion:105}} is confirmed to be an **AQUATIC YORDLE** that lives on the coral reefs near Bilgewater and commands the fearsome sea creatures, can't wait to see what Riot has in store for him! {{champion:56}} is confirmed to be a demon of sorts that feeds on fear and has 'escaped' the spirit world. Theres a lot more in here that may be of much interest, but these are some of the most shocking and significant in my opinion. Take a good look for yourselves!
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