The Burning Tides universe really needs an update (or explanation).

So, in the skins tab on the Universe option it lists Captain Gangplank, Captain Fortune, Cutthroat Graves and Cutpurse Twisted Fate as part of the Burning Tides universe (Rogue Admiral Garen's universe), however it was to my understanding that these were supposedly canon skins, while Garen and crew's were an alternate universe. I did read sometime ago that Rogue Garen could be an alternate universe where he joined the Demacian navy but went Rogue, but not sure how true this is, Quinn is also demacian so if true (which I doubt) it could be the same for her, but both Aatrox and Malphite would have some explaining to do. Also Tristana is randomly there for some reason and it doesn't even have a bio, do fluffy Yordles even fit on a serious edgy universe where Garen sends severed heads to the authorities? Maybe, I don't have a problem with it, but a bio to explain why she's there would be nice. She just feels randomly thrown in there because it's a pirate skin, yet neither Bilgerat Rumble, Pirate Ryze, Bilgewater Swain or Katarina are in there, so there's got to be a reason. Speaking of which, why is Bilewater Katarina not there? She's even been officially ~~**shipped**~~ together with RA Garen yet she's nowhere to be seen on the universe, I also think Swain would be a great addition. Bilgerat Rumble seems more of a joke skin so it probably doesn't fit, and Ryze may or may not fit into the universe. Maybe it's one of those skinverses that are going to be revived this year and that's why it feels so lazily done? I sure hope so.
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