Shyvana's new Bio is not only a downgrade of a decent piece of lore, but it's LITERALLY a mistake... In this twitter thread revolving around Scathlocke AKA LJ Goulding, there were a lot of discussions with the well known Editor for Riot about Shyvana's bio and exactly WHY we really disliked it. His response were more or less along the lines of "You shouldn't be upset about this change because it's only a minor change." Now clearly in [my previous post]( detailing why I am in a huge disagreement with Shyvana's change, that is CERTAINLY not the case with Shyvana's new bio, in fact a lot of what the [Lore Patch notes]( state actually completely contradict with what the bio ACTUALLY achieves. > An update to Shyvana’s bio _**keeps the main story intact**_, _**expanding on the circumstances of her birth**_ and her timely encounter with Prince Jarvan, which would ultimately lead her to earn a place as one of Demacia’s most trusted guardians. >_RIOT ASHEKANDI, 9.5: Lore Update_ So the patch notes mention that this new bio is meant to "keep the main story intact." However, this is, with a poorer choice of words, a complete lie. It completely changes and rewrites the entire beginning chapter of Shyvana's story, with the rest of her story suffering from this drastic change as well. It also mentions that this new bio was suppose to expand on the circumstances of her birth, which also never happens as this new bio actually STRIPS any details of Shyvana's origins, leaving it a complete mystery. Now I've already made my statements on why I dislike the plot, but what has really devastated me about Shyvana's new bio is how Riot endlessley presents it as a "minor edit," when in reality that is not the case whatsoever. This was extremely upsetting to me, but then a revelation was made this morning. Later on in the same thread, LJ Goulding states something incredibly alarming: It seems that, internally, Riot was COMPLETELY UNAWARE of the Shyvana bio that had released alongside Galio, the same bio many of us had grown so connected with. In fact, they had assumed that there was a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BIOGRAPHY FOR SHYVANA published, a bio more in-line with this newer version that had recently emerged. This explains why Riot has constantly considered this as nothing more than a 'minor edit,' because it _is_ a minor edit, just an edit for a BIOGRAPHY THAT THE PLAYERS NEVER EVEN SAW. This also shows why many Rioters have constantly scratched their heads at the concept of Shyvana being raised by a dragon father, something that many thought as an iconic piece of her story, because there was some retcon to her bio internally which had already REMOVED him from Shyvana's story, which was never stated in ANY PIECE OF LORE SHYVANA HAS EVER HAD. Though I am glad that this misty divide between the narrative team and the players who disagree with Shyvana's lore is finally cleared up, this is pretty concerning and a hurtful mistake to make. I really hate to say it, I really do, but it's starting to feel like some of the Rioters don't have as deep a connection with those folks who actually are fans of the lore. This is mostly evident in how many Rioters seemed so certain that we were aware of a biography we had NO KNOWLEDGE OF, it's a little insulting even that this change in Shyvana's lore was, in truth, a bit of a literal mistake. Now I'm not here to just call out Riot for a simple mistake and misunderstanding, my heart will always have a passion for the lore and many members of the narrative team, including LJ Goulding, are incredibly talented, they are the reason why I feel so strongly for these pieces of lore in the first place. However, all I wish for is some form of a compensation for this bio, or at the very least some form of official response from Riot regarding how disastrous this Shyvana lore seems to be.
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