Pyke the better Evelynn?

Honestly I started to check off a lot of comparisons to Evelynn. In almost every way, out side of knowing numbers, his kit is a better version of Evelynns. Kind of pissed me off honestly. Q is a skillshot. For Pyke, it seems to go through minions and it's also a crowd control. W is a camouflage with bonus movement speed for Pyke and doesn't break if he takes damage. For Evelynn, her camouflage is on her passive once she reaches level 6 and her bonus movement speed is on her E after that she dashed. E is a dash with a delayed crowd control for Pyke. However, it's an area of effect crowd control and its delay appears once Pyke leaves camouflage because he dashes in with this ability, while Evelynn's crowd control is single targetted and she warns the enemies that she's stealthed around before striking. Evelynn's delay is then more restrictive. R is an execute ability with a blink but Pyke really executes below a certain amount of health and he has a reset on it, while Evelynn only gets higher damage against enemies below 30% of their maximum health, which means that they can still survive. However, it says he blinks to champions so maybe he can't use it as an escape.
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