As A Morgana Main I Am Highly Disappointed In All But One Of Her Skin Reworks

Apologies if this has been said a million times over, but I've had a long week and just now saw all of the skins finally. I love Morgana even if I'm not challenger or whatever, I enjoy her, I LOVE(d) her aesthetic. Her base skin with the visual rework looks amazing, but most of her skins look like downgrades and I'm not sure what the thought process was behind downgrading her skins. Blackthorn for example is my favorite skin, period. Fav skin on my fav champion. It is the skin I use on her every game if I can help it. Now it doesn't even look like the same theme at all, and I can't see myself even wanting to use it as it looks genuinely worse by a large amount than it previously did. It was done amazingly and now it looks as if it was done in a rush and it bums me out. As someone who has the most mastery points on Morgana and quite a few of her skins (I've bought the ones I wanted and skipped the ones I didn't) I am highly disappointed and I don't know that I'll bother with anything but her base skin now and that really sucks. edit: I misworded and said I had the most mastery points on Morg and what I meant was out of my champs she has the most mastery points. Oops
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