16 champs that have gone over 1000 days w/o a new skin

Yes I'm making another one of these posts, but like I said last time I'm still going to keep going with this. Reguardless, I also feel it's necessary to keep track of this sort of thing, because really I don't have much to keep me tied down to League as I did in the past. So, let's view the list and see what's happening: * {{champion:6}} 2239 days * {{champion:98}} 1794 days * {{champion:74}} 1378 days * {{champion:32}} {{champion:77}} 1117 days * {{champion:33}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:101}} 1091 days * {{champion:9}} 1088 days * {{champion:26}} 1077 days * {{champion:82}} {{champion:35}} 1067 days * {{champion:39}} 1053 days * {{champion:31}} 1047 days * {{champion:421}} 1031 days * {{champion:266}} 1004 days ({{champion:28}} would be on the list as well since I base my list on skins hitting live servers but I'm letting her off since it's bound to come to live reguardless) 100 Day threshhold (champs within 100 days of going 1000 days over) {{champion:8}} 969 days {{champion:20}} 930 days {{champion:54}} 927 days {{champion:38}} 920 days Now granted, before someone says it, yes some of these champs need or are in reworks currently. Such examples are Mord, Fiddle in desperate need of reworks and Aatrox as an example of one who is currently being reworked. These are completely fair observations. However, I'm still stating them because this is based off of data. It can be a fair argument that they should wait until their eventual reworks launch live till they get their new skin. I will agree to that to some extent. On top of this, I'm aware that Riot is working on skins for other champs from their more recent state video, with {{champion:98}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:136}} remaining. So three of the top 5 are confirmed on getting skins soon, but until I see them they are going to remain on the list. Now this brings me to my last to point for the post: WHEN IS {{champion:6}} GETTING HIS NEXT SKIN??? He is the only champ right now on the list that has been in the top three for quite some time now, but now is at #1 and is over 2000 days without a skin! This is really the only thing that's heavily bothering me with this list. If there's just a skin coming for him soon to kick him off the top then I'd be so grateful as to not see a champ in the 2000 area, at least while that lasts. Anyways, that's just about it. Small update on the list. Check this back in two months, see where we're at.
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