I can hardly wait for the next VGU's to be announced

I am not talking about Eve or Urgot , because those 2 were already announced. I am talking about the VGU's that will come after those 2. Because , one thing that I noticed is that after those 2 , we are going to be out of meme champions , for the most part (Ok , Aatrox is a meme , but he is not going to get a VGU . Mordekaiser will carry on the torch of the meme champions , because I do not think that he will be next ). Poppy got her rework , Yorick got his rework , WW got his rework , Sion got his rework , Galio got his rework , Taric got his and Urgot/Eve will get theirs. We will be out of official meme champions and really can't tell who will be next. I kinda hope that it is the Kayle/Morgana update , but I think that Irelia and Pantheon are going to be next
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