Multiple universes of the skins As the canon story of league of legends has slowly been fleshed out and expanded so to has riot been adding small stories and plots to our favorites skinlines. The added a whole new dynamic to the skins as it adds both a visual and contextual enrichment to the skins by making them not just masks a champion can wear but alternate lives a champion lives in another world. Now I know the narrators can only do so much with the leagues busy schedule and all but it's nice to see a little bit of added stories to the skins. For clarity the alternate universe are the skin lines that have been given some context The current Alternative universe are as follows 1. cosmic/dark star 2. star guardian 3. academy 4. Super Galaxy 5. Mecha/ battlecast 6. PROJECT Initiative 7. The Remembrances( or pulsefire if you prefer) 8. Arcade 9. Blood Moon 10. Omega Squad 11. Pentakill 12. Dawn / Night( angel and demon or order and chaos if you prefer) Also I'd hope that as more champions are added to these unique skin lines, there would also be some story to them or rather a fully constructed 'universe' is made' Dragonslayer( hopefully with dragon master {{champion:50}} one day) Cops/robbers High Stakes( I'm sure each champion can be a card) Role-Playing Games Secret Agent Warring Kingdoms Worldbreaker / worldweaver
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