Question for the Narrative and ChampUp teams

Hi! This is a question for the folks on the Narrative and ChampUp teams. (Feel free to pitch in even if you aren't though.) When revamping and rewriting the bios and stories for each champion in League, how do you guys on the Narrative team account for any potential changes the Champion Update team may have for a character in a future large-scale rework? Let's say Galio's VGU had actually been scheduled for another year, but the Demacian update had still occurred today. Do you guys think you would have still given Galio the anti-magic colossus theme/bio/story regardless of him not getting the full attention of a VGU, or did those ideas only come forth as a result of the lengthy and detailed care given to the champion during the development of his full-scale rework? In that case, could a VGU ever prompt a retcon of lore that's already been updated? For instance, Vayne has a new bio and color text thanks to the Demacian update, but if she were to get a VGU in the future that changed her current theme/narrative, would you guys go back and retcon this bio and color text to fit the new changes, or would you stick to the lore that's already been established for her and only create stories that make sense within that pre-established context? Thanks and apologies for the wall of text.
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