Who would fall prey to the Agony's embrace?

If {{champion:201}} and {{champion:497}} can past the Test of Spirit{{champion:420}} . Then what champs are 100% screwed if they meet {{champion:28}} and who's not? My guess, Voidborn, Celestials, Darkins, most Aspects of Targon and Ascendants of Shurima and Shadow Isles champs wouldn't succumb to temptation, {{champion:83}} is iffy I could he him both falling for Eve and resisting her. Would fail: {{champion:75}}(pre-Bloodline story) {{champion:119}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:12}} I feel like {{champion:3}} would fail if it were possible. Probably won't: {{champion:98}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:64}} (for obvious reasons, though this could change). Could go both ways: {{champion:83}} {{champion:236}} at a point the burden becomes too much. I Would say {{champion:13}} as well but, he has reached and passed the point of other two in his lonely quest. What do you guys think, do you think your main would make it? ({{champion:80}} safe! Atreus not so much XD) Would especially love to see some Riot comments!
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