On this day, NINE years ago, Mordekaiser was released unto the live servers

Happy Birthday(?) to you my trashy tin can man! I cannot wait for everyone to be in total awe over your impending rework! Mordekaiser has been my absolute favorite champion and continues to be one of the main reasons I play League of Legends. He's been my coping mechanism for some tough times of mine and I've had so much fun with the ol' metal guy. Hell, he's literally the first champion I bought with Ip and the first I bought a skin for! And who would've thought, I initially picked him up because he was a walkin' talkin' Heavy Metal reference! I've even met a lot of new friends, some of which are now very dear to me, over the whole drama of the Juggernaut rework and I've loved being an active member of this community, and in particular your friendly neighborhood Mordekaiser fanatic, for many years. But all of my love for this champion can't really be contained in a single thread, so I think a picture will do! Or you can all just go check out literal hundreds of threads I've written on good ol' Morde. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D0KtLClXgAAbHoK.jpg:large So, cheers to you Mordekaiser A toast for many more years to come! But say, what are your personal thoughts on the Ex Master of Metal, now **Iron Revenant**?
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