My main issue with Ionia

**Hey everyone !** I've been thinking a lot about Ionia recently, I really like every region of Runeterra, but I always found that something was a bit off about Ionia for me. And I have finally found what was my issue with it : ##Ionia's lore focus way too much on Noxus and not enough on Ionia itself. 10 champions out of 17 (I don't include Kennen because he needs a lore update) have the invasion as a main element and/or still suffer from the invasion. That's almost 59% of the roster. ---------------------------- ----------------------------- > {{champion:141}} > Was a child soldier from Noxus > {{champion:84}} > Left the Kinkou Order to hunt down Noxians and anyone who is a danger to Ionia > {{champion:39}} > She led the battle of the Placidium > {{champion:202}} > Was freed after Ionia went to shit because of the Invasion > {{champion:157}} > His master was killed by a former Noxian > {{champion:43}} > Darha and Karma decided to attack the invaders > {{champion:64}} > Fought for Ionia alongside Udyr >{{champion:11}} > His whole village was destroyed during the invasion > {{champion:110}} > Was "resurrected" because of the invasion > {{champion:238}} > Fought against Noxus in an attempt to defend Ionia. ----------------------------------- -------------------------------------- I understand that the invasion was a huge deal for Ionia, but I really feel that we barely know anything about Ionia. And considering that [Awaken] might become canon in the future, it seems like we are still going to have a lot of stories about Ionia and Noxus. Even characters that are only here because of Ionia (_Hi there Ivern_) decided to bail the fuck out of Ionia. There are characters that can evolve without Noxus (_I'm looking at you ~~Falrein~~ Syndra_), but I would **love** to see more stories focused on Ionia itself. Maybe some stories about Master Kusho or about the Wuju swordsmen, anything that would make me feel that Ionia is a true region and not just a plot device for Noxus. -------------------- ---------------- What's your opinion about Ionia? What kind of stories would you like to see about this region?

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