I think the new Star Guardian skins are really cool

You guys can all complain and be sad little sacks because you don't want anything that goes a bit off the lines for a normal Star Guardian skin, but I think you should give these skins a chance. Xayah and Rakan seem to have really cool lore and they only have one skin available for purchase each, and legendary skins? Come on, you can't hate the way these skins look. On top of it, they'll probably have amazing voiceovers. Neeko only has one skin for purchase currently and her skin is absolutely beautiful. The only complaint I have is that her prestige skin is a bit too similar to the regular skin, but I honestly don't care too much about prestige. Fricking Zoe has such a cute skin with the little octopus turning into the puddle from the bubble and her corrupting the other Star Guardians, I feel, makes way for amazing lore. So while you guys act like little entitled children when these skins go leaps and bounds over what the previous Star Guardian skins have done. These skins have actually given a deeper lore to the Star Guardian universe. Before these skins, the Star Guardians were just pretty girls who protected the universe from who knows what. Now, there's actually a meaningful plot to this universe, being to save their partners from Zoe's corruption. So yeah.
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