Forget that Empress, there can only be one true Sovereign

We know no ruler but the Dark Sovereign, whose name is Syndra. Don't server under that fraud of an Empress, join your real Sovereign {{champion:134}}. _________________________________ For real though, I know it's been talked about a lot but still I'm gonna throw my two cents on the matter. I don't think Qiyana's design is bad. When comparing it to (sorry to those who main her) the disaster that was Kai'sa, it's even pretty good. And we've only gotten the splash art for now so who knows, we have yet to see everything, maybe there'll be some pleasant surprises! **Just so we're clear, this is just my personal take, I understand if people feel differently.** However, the splash art... Well. If I'm being truly honest, when looking at her splash, I'm not quite sure what to expect. I see a potentially sassy girl with a chakram, who kind of looks like it's imbued with magic. I just don't feel like she's an Empress of Elements, or anything really. Oh well that's not true I guess because she has a crown. Which I find very (too?) simplistic, but I'm not being fair because I have high standards after Syndra's crown. Behind her is just an explosion (I think?), which feels very generic too, and after Mordekaiser's splash, it's a bit... Simplistic as well? **HOWEVER** there's one thing that I really like about her, she doesn't suffer from the "same face" syndrome, which is very nice! ____________________________________ So yeah that's it, I just wanted to do a troll post saying how she's just a fraud and Syndra's the real Sovereign but I ended up giving my opinion on Qiyana. I think it's important to note that maybe I see nothing in her because her design doesn't resonate with me well, which I can totally accept. I don't think it's bad, just that it's very generic/simplistic. I know the team behind her put a lot of effort, and I don't want to make it sound like I'm minimizing these efforts. This is just my personal take on the matter, and I'm sure there are people who will love Qiyana's design, and I totally respect that. Doesn't change the fact that this so-called Empress is a fraud, and that Syndra's the real deal tho! :p
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