The real scientist behind PROJECT

PROJECT skins are humans with enhance cybernetics. These are cyborgs still human but enhanced. So lets map out all the scientist/inventors: {{champion:126}} -Full metal (iron man like suits) *note that Full metal was the answer to viktors battlecast* {{champion:112}} -Battlecast (robotic monsters) {{champion:115}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:74}} - Mecha (mechanical combatants) {{champion:27}} - Bioforge (alchemy enhanced battle armor) {{champion:19}} - similar to his apprentice singed {{champion:245}} - would be closer to jayce like tech (time enhanced suits) so that leaves us with.... {{champion:36}} Everyone thinks he's just a cleave throwing idiot but if you look at his lore: > **However, he has made tremendous strides in mapping the pain response in the human brain and body, going so far as being able to suppress it, even in the most excruciating of circumstances. He has also tapped into the primal parts of the brain through chemistry, learning how to enhance aggression and adrenaline, as well as dulling conscience and the survival instinct. In short, Dr. Mundo's life's work has been how to create the perfect science-enhanced killer.** sound like the PROJECT cyborg skins to anyone? No one remembers the madman of zaun. That's right mundo reverted to the his human form AKA the scientist you see in the video notice as he drives the **syringe**(gun) in yi's arm with a **madman** look to his face . No longer being a monster Dr. Mundo continued his work and created the PROJECT skins.
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