@WAAARGHbobo - You say you work on champion languages?

What does Illaoi say when she recalls and yanks the spirit out of other champions? I'm interested in knowing the English translations of her chants in prayers and I _think_ I know a few pieces, based on what she says in English and in lore. "Nagakabouros" is, of course, her god, and translates roughly to "The great beast the drives the sea and sky." "Buhru" is the island she comes from. But she mentions it a few times when recalling. "Buhru Latachi," for instance. So I'm assuming Buhru also means home, or something along those lines. "Altak" based on the context, I think means "Behold." She only says it at the start of a few chants or when she ults. Behold is typically used at the start of most sentences. I love conlang, and I'd love to have the full context and translations of Buhru's language, or, at the very least, a translation of the lines Illaoi says in game. The League wiki has her native lines there, but not a translation in English. Curious minds want to know!
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