my first fan art

hello I am in my account smurf league of legends, for my birthday number 16 a friend decided to give me a basic graphics tablet (wacom intuos) and then I downloaded a program to draw and this is my first drawing I have done with the graphics tablet, some will say that this is a bit ugly but it's my first drawing I want you to tell me what you think and if I have the potential to continue in this (from 1 to 10 what rating would you give) (By the way, it takes almost 4 hours to do it because it takes me a long time experimenting with mixtures of colors in the sai) so what do people say, how is my drawing?!TiQBWKyT Password: lG9b7ngYnBKhLjt6mhsWLuSGiwXC4M-ngmlNyI_LlRE {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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