Seriously Riot? No Mini-VGU but New Champs? Outdated Models & Art

A pathetic attempt at updating gameplay visuals is definitely not enough. Riot Game Developers are aware of tall these champions with outdated models. If Morgana and Ezreal were so successful, why are you not giving the below champions the same treatment? You are, yet again, ignoring what the community told you years ago and what they have told you for the past year: they like mini-VGU but hate full-scale VGU that completely change the way a champion is and we are tired of new champions. There is enough new champions. {{champion:42}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:17}} The initiative to start working on the Yordle model update started with Tristana, but it also ended with Tristana. I mean new Yordles look a lot like Tristana. Why are the above 4 Yordles being ignored? {{champion:22}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:106}} The above champions received amazing color stories, a comic or art that you could do a lot with. Unfortunately you are ignoring all potential for these champions for new champions. {{champion:34}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:7}} Models that look horrendous and outdated in game. You're aware of how these champions look and the potential they have, but you are making new champions. {{champion:43}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:90}} The above champions received incomplete art assets, their kits were not improved, the mains are not happy with you, and their models look outdated. If a mistake was made, why aren't you improving the work you wanted to in the first place? It's half arsed. You went out of your way to do the type of work these champions needed for Ryze, but you cannot do your jobs and do it for the above? Rollback the mistakes you made to their kits and gameplay identities and give them modern art. How hard is that to do? Ryze got it 7 times. {{champion:131}} {{champion:89}} Two champions who have a very strong connection in lore and art, but there is no indication of it in game. Also, their models are outdated and their kits can use a few tweaks . . . . especially Diana. ======================== Do we really have to create 3 to 4 new champions in place of the failure large-scale VGU you are using as an excuse to not update old champions? You will have 144 champions you can barely already make skins for, balance, and prioritize any reworks on. You have champions waiting years now for reworks, skins, and balance adjustments. You are putting bandaids on problems and telling the community, "This X champion is not a problem right now and we will get to them later." Your later is years later and cancelled content you work for on them. Riot Games, are all of your Developers this delusional? They really think adding new champions with the same concepts, almost same abilities, likely same gameplay identities is a better priority than working on their existing fanbase of champions? Your old champions need MODERN ART, MINOR KIT WORK, and DECENT WORK ETHIC. This is all something your game lacks right now. More new champions is the answer though. Your answer is updating visuals of abilities in place of a mini-VGU that will have more effect? The models still look horrible and outdated, the voicelines on champions are not existent, and the potential for a lot of themes is wasted and given to new champions. Why don't you just take another ability from an old champion and put it on a new one? You've already done it so many times.

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