The Shackles of Belief - New Story

#**_~~The Shackles of Belief~~_** We just got a new story and I can tell you it is more than surprising. There is quite a few twists in there with some interesting hints being made. Here is the link for everyone to read:[] _**~~Story~~**_ Let's talk story! Sylas is desperate and out of ideas as to how to conquer Demacia by himself so he and his mages decide to venture north and look for "great and terrible sorcery" to help him in his fight. Well if he was looking True Ice he definitely found it. Vrynna, who you may remember from the LoR cards, and Thorva a shaman were on a mission when they saw a figure and the figure happened to be Sylas. As they saw him he fell to the ground, he was alone since all the other mages died from cold or from the wild beasts killing them.. Sylas had a severe case of frostbite but when he fell to the ground he managed to absord Thorva's immunity from cold and render her ineffective in the process. Vrynna and the other Iceborn gathered around Sylas with Brokvar who is a great iceborn warrior with a legendary weapon of true ice. In any case Sylas and Brokvar fought each other when Sylas grasped at the true ice sword and the cold was about to kill him as it spread to his heart but Brokvar stepped too close when he picked the weapon up again and Sylas grabbed him and absorbed the power of true ice from him instead of touching the sword directly. As he now temporarily became an iceborn, he was able to create a barrier of ice so Vrynna did not manage to kill him. Thorva stepped in and said that the old gods wished for him to live and then she talked to sylas because she is able to speak demacian. While she was speaking to him she translated what he said into lies to deceive Vrynna that he was an ally. He proposed attacking demacia together and then they ventured off back into the Winter's Claw hideout. _*~~Thoughts and Questions~~*_ The writing was stunning and I liked the turbulence of the story as I was able to really imagine how things went down. I do have questions tho, why did the shaman lie? She said to Vrynna that the old gods wished for him to live but then later on she lied to Vrynna about what he said because she finds Sylas attractive (No wonder Lissandra wants to kill shamans when they're that dumb and easily deceived :')). Another weird thing is, Winter's Claw still praise the Three Sisters... I thought that was not the case anymore but if it is, it makes me wonder if there is still frostguard priests around their sites. >“The Three!” breathed Brokvar in reverence. “He speaks of Avarosa, Serylda, and Lissandra!” The other Winter’s Claw warriors murmured in surprise and awe, many of them touching holy totems hanging around their necks. A very interesting thing to note here is that any mage is in danger right now. Sylas can literally suck peoples magic up and render them useless, the question is tho, will they remain magic-less permanently or temporarily?.. In any case, I think that letting Sylas infiltrate Freljord was very foolish of them, Vrynna was right to distrust him. This also shows how much of a problem freljordians are who are not under Lissandra's immeditate control and oversight. No wonder she wants to kill them when they invite the enemy right into their home. I believe that the Winter's Claw will help Sylas but there will be a moment where Sylas will use that against them and it that case we can at least hope that Sejuani dies, so there is one positive in all of this.
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