You know, if they EVER get to Sona's VGU there's one thing I hope:

That they give her an personality that it toally opposite from the "submissive"/"Passive" image that has apparently been engraved in hundreds (yes, there are that many) lewd fanarts all over the internet. Heck, I doubt that there is a champ that has more porn of them existing, save for possibly Ahri. Actually those two are often paired, mostly on the "super-active" and "very-passive" dynamic. And I always wonder... just because someone is mute, why would they be "passive"? Is it this whole disgusting "can't say no"-trope? OH COMEON. There is literally nothing stopping her from assuming aerial superiority with her levitation and beating the shit out of you with her instrument - that's if she doesn't just make you dance yourself to death, which is a rather scary power when you think about it. I know Sona's VGU is long off, even if she also is a rather old champion, but when the time comes, please give her an actual personality - and don't leave that to the porn artists please {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}

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