How did Kalan manage to live on Fae'lor for years?

The Dreaming Pool - Universe of League of Legends
The darkening forest was full of beauty, but the girl saw none of it as she stomped along the winding path.
The lovely Lady Faceless initiated an interesting discussion about how Kalan's presence on Fae'lor seems weird, as the island was kind of stripped off its magic, and here are our thoughts about it. We know Syndra's power created some sort of magical fallout on Fae'lor, souring the magic of the island. It pretty much destroyed the organic life on the island, as most of Ionia's forms of life need magic to prosper. Anyway, that being said, Kalan, a Vastaya, lived on that island for years, watching over Syndra... But we know Vastayas need magic to survive. [According to a WAAARGHbobo's statement](, living in a place without magic would be extremely painful for them, probably lethal at some point. Syndra's powers didn't exactly destroy the magic on the island, but the damage were enough to remove almost all life on it. So how did Kalan live there? I understand that the magic isn't completely destroyed, thus that he can survive, but it didn't seem to have much effect on him at all... I guess my question is, in the end, how would Syndra's magical fallout affect the Vastayas' way of life? I would've guessed it would've been incredibly painful and difficult for them to live in an environment that was affected by Syndra's magical fallout, but Kalan doesn't seem to suffer these effects in The Dreaming Pool... I'm probably being nitpicky because I've grown incredibly interested Syndra's lore, but I think that's a legit question haha!

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