Some questions about Gnar

I'm a Gnar main, so I've been waiting the day to see my special champ finally get his lore update. And yesterday my dream came true! Thanks Riot! I am pleased with his new lore overall, and I appreciate the hard work of the lore team, but I have some questions that I would like to know if you could answer. The question are: 1.How can Gnar turn into Mega Gnar? 2.What does Gnar have that helps him become something different from how he is? 3.Does Gnar can't remember a thing about his moments while he is Mega and if so, why? 4.Is he still 4 humans years old(without putting the time he was frozen) 5.Did he had someone watching him before he met "the big white yordles" or was he on his own from the beginning? Thanks again Riot for showing some love to my favorite furball, and I do hope some of my questions might be answered. I wish everyone has a great day and good luck in your games!
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