League of Legends needs a Mother

Forreal, League needs a champion that's also a mother. To be fair, it'd be more accurate to say parents on the whole just don't exist in League of Legends. Even on the dad side of things there are only three fathers that we know exist: {{champion:268}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:38}} Still though, to not even have one in a pool of nearly 150!? It's easy to see why though. Almost every female in the game is too young to be having children because of a longstanding tendency to put attractive female champs in the game. Almost every female that is human is in her early twenties or late teens. The only female champs that are of "mothering age" are: {{champion:164}} (Who probably gave that up after Hakim dipped) {{champion:114}} (barely if she was at a marrying age) {{champion:7}} (Is she even really human though?) {{champion:15}} (She "feels" older to me though we don't really know her age, because she's just more hard edge and had more time to become a renowned merc) Those are the only likely candidates that I could believe could be mothers, but their different parts to play in their stories usually keep them from it, so no luck there. Then I thought about the Freljord, a matriarchal society that values the bonds keeping tribes together: children. Having a child isn't something done just for self-actualization in the Freljord, it's a vital part of their social and political landscape. Children secure alliances, they anchor the strongest bloodsworn (male warriors that father children) to their female chieftain or war mothers and ensure her protection and the protection of her children and the tribe as a whole. In game of the three warmothers only one of them can really be a mother. It can't be {{champion:22}} She's specifically trying to reform the Freljord and only made Tryndamere her bloodsworn to get ahead of the chaos and infighting that would surely happen when all the male warriors started competing to see who would get to breed with the "reincarnation of Avarosa". She will likely have children if she wants, but much later in life on her own time now that she isn't being pushed into it by the traditions of her people, traditions she wants to reform. It also can't be {{champion:127}} because the Frostguard doesn't function like any other tribe in the Freljord. It primarily exists so that Lissandra can amass the true ice necessary to keep the Watchers frozen like they should be and for her to exert control over the Freljord to erase history. They also only take in orphans for the most part because familial bonds could cause Frostguard warriors to place the needs of their children or parents over Lissandra. Something she obviously cannot have. That leaves {{champion:113}} . The perfect candidate. This is the best option because it makes sense and moves her character further. Not just done for "representation", which is in my opinion a prettier word for shoehorning a certain type of character into a role, regardless of how well they fill it. It actually makes less sense for Sej NOT to be a mother! For starters her mother, Kalkia ran out on her when she was just a little girl, she then tried to seek affection from her grandmother: Hejian, but she was never enough and at the end of it all she found a maternal figure in Ashes' mom, Grena, who she still looks up to to this day. This bundle of "mommy issues" is the exact kind of thing that would spur an individual to crave a child just on a personal level... for better or worse... Nevermind all that though, because Sejuani is still a traditionalist at heart. She wants to preserve the traditions of her people and one of those tradition is the bonding of bloodsworn to warmother through children. It's actually kind of baffling that she controls the largest tribe of conservative Freljordians in the region and she hasn't had to produce any children yet to solidify those bonds. It doesn't matter that she's young (I'd guess she's only a little older than Ashe 22 or 23 at the most.) Because at the end of the day that's her duty to the tribe it's what she has to do and something she probably jump at if she had the chance. And finally, I just like it because it would give her character more opportunity for emotional depth, I've spoken before on how my favorite splash art in the game is the Traditional Sejuani skin. Sejuani and Bristle sharing a quiet moment before a battle, it really makes you see her than more than just this bloodthirsty savage. I suggested in an Olaf thread like a year ago that making him a father figure to Sejuani would make her more relatable while also giving him a place in the world, killing two birds with one stone. Either great minds think alike or Riot is legit stealing from me (don't worry I don't mind <3) because they did that a few months afterwards, but they chose Udyr instead. I can see why they did this since Olaf is more likely to have a connection to Volibear given the nature of their powers being similar and the sneaky addition of the word "Stormborn" to the Sej bio. Sejuani has made leaps and bounds as a character in the last year through relationships to Ashe, Udyr, Kalkia and Grena. Giving her a little baby to look after could only open up more doors of possibility. It's certainly a powerful motivator now that she'll be "building a world" for that kid to thrive in one day. Anyways this has gone on long enough, what do you guys think?
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