Are all the plotlines going anywhere?

I get it. We have 145 champions right now, and a lot of story to cover. So if we want to see the conclusion or the progress to any region or champion story, we might have to wait years in the making. The thing is, that with the incorporation of Qiyana and this new whole faction inside Kumungu, I'm starting to question if we ever are going to see those conclusions. Because new champions imply new plotlines, that many times are intertwined with those of precious champions, so that might not only slowdown any kind of resolution for the related champions because their stories must keep the pace with one another, but in some cases, take the story back to previous events. Exactly like what happened to {{champion:99}} after the introduction of {{champion:517}} , where right now we are just before she starts using her powers for Demacia in the dark. Another example of that, is {{champion:82}} and his late rework. Just as his new story points out, we are left in the cliffhanger of him coming back to the world of the living. But because his coming would be such an upheaval, his storyline is going to remain frozen until many others related to Noxus and the nations in conflict with them are solved. I say all of this because even if the lore interests me and I'm making the effort of reading any story in Universe I can... not seeing ever the conclusion to many of the storylines I'm reading about is really taking a toll in my interest. And is just very disappointing that there isn't seem to be any kind of resolution for any of the plotlines on the near future.
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