New Year, New List, Skin Team Still Putting Up Big Numbers

The Skin Team had a very comparable year. While they did fall short in the sheer quantity of 750 skins, I don't think anyone would protest heavily over champions not getting more 750 skins. Let's be honest. Many players would feel miffed if their champion got back to back 750 skins. One 3250 Skin (One in 2015) Four 1820 Skins (Three in 2015) Thirty Four 1350 Skins (Thirty Two in 2015) Seventeen 975 Skins (Twenty Three in 2015) Twenty 750 Skins (Thirty Five in 2015) And One Draven But alas, we always have a few champions that get left out even under such a monumental feat. Last year I put up a list of champions that missed out on the most recent sixteen month period, and I feel compelled to do it once more (mostly because I keep seeing "Why No Jhin/Illaoi skins" threads and I like to keep things in perspective). I will start out in saying that this subsequent list is notably longer. Being fair, I will include the same time period, so the champions listed will not have received a skin after September 2015. I'm also going to knock out Garen, Quinn and Gangplank based on their PBE released skins (whom all would have placed near the top of this list anyways). So without further hesitation... 42/43) - Darius/Vladimir (Academy) August 2015 - The Academy line came right at the end of August. Much like Final Boss Veigar from last year's list, they sneak right in at the tail end. Kind of scary that the list starts out in the forties. Darius might linger for a bit longer, because of Dunkmaster. Vladimir has a fairly diverse and healthy skin pool. Both are likely being passed over in favor of giving skins to champions that lack top tier skins. 40/41) - Riven/Blitzcrank (Arcade/Battle Boss) August 2015 - There might be some huffing and puffing about Riven's championship skin getting a touch up, but I don't think that should disqualify her from being mentioned in this list. 39) - Aatrox (Seahunter) July 2015 - He would have shared this spot with Garen and Quinn, but now gets to stand alone. A rumored favorite of a class update, we may not see a skin for this forgotten top laner any time soon. 38) - Twisted Fate (Cutpurse) July 2015 - I'm sure there will always be the argument that champions like TF and Blitz have so many skins that they should be ignored in favor of others with smaller skin pool selections. Regardless, the card slinger makes the list. 35/36/37) - Mundo/Zac/Rek'Sai (Pool Party) June 2015 - While Mundo might not be suffering from a shortage of skins, the other two haven't seen much attention. Zac, in particular, is almost a 4 year old champion with only two skins and a chroma. 33/34) - Anivia/Cho'Gath (Prehistoric) June 2015 - Both champions have old 1820 skins, which might explain their presence on this list. Still after Janna picked up Star Guardian, I'm sure there is hope that these two are on the horizon. 32) - Irelia (Order of the Lotus) June 2015 - Rumored to be a contestant on the VGU, we may not be seeing any high quality, new effect skins on this blade dancer. 31) - Lee Sin (Knockout) June 2015 - Is it even possible that this guy was forgotten? Perhaps the meme about him getting a Blood Moon over Diana is foreshadowing. 29/30) - Mordekaiser/Shaco (King of Clubs/Wild Card) May 2015 - I'm unsure what the plans are for these guys. Both don't have any high quality skins and linger under the threat of VGU even after class updates. 26/27/28) - Talon/Rengar/Twitch (SSW) May 2015 - Two of these were on my last year list on the basis of dismissing the Legacy/ESport skins. I know the Heartseekers were already shown on the PBE, but it was unusually early. There may still be hope for a Heartseeker Twitch. The other two were both major reworks on the Assassin update. Hopefully with that out of the way, we will be seeing something new for them. 25) - Zilean (Blood Moon) May 2015 - I have to wonder if this guy is on the VGU list. He went four years without a skin before Blood Moon and already hit the top 25 a year later. 24) - Ziggs (Master Arcanist) May 2015 - With his minor tweaks in the MYMU, I'm a little surprised we haven't seen anything for our yordle demolition expert. 23) - Fiddlesticks (Risen) April 2015 - I believe this was "separate" from the GotS line. I believe Fiddlesticks is suffering from the same symptoms of TF and Blitzcrank. He has a large skin pool and some high quality skins. There's no hurry, but we shouldn't deny that he is due. 20/21/22) - Xerath/Skarner/Rammus (Guardian of the Sands) April 2015 - Surprisingly, Xerath does not have a 975 skin. Skarner lacks a 750 or 1350 skin, which have been the price tags on the majority of skins released this past year. Barring threats of rework, we might expect to see something for these two soon. Rammus still lacks a top tier skin so he must be on the radar. 19) - Galio (Debonair) April 2015 - Halfway through the list and we have one of our announced VGU candidates. We won't be expecting anything right away, but I'm certainly curious what happened to the Debonair line. I'm sure we've all seen the fanmade Debonair Caitlyn, but since we broke the Piltie only barrier... we have some Zaun champs that could use some swagger. 17/18) - Udyr/Amumu (Definitely Not/Surprise Party) April 2015 - I believe Amumu has the most 520 skins (5) while Udyr has only 4 skins in his entire pool despite being a fellow 2009 champion. Udyr is one of three champions from 2009 to have 4 skins, the lowest amount of skins on a 2009 champion. Taric is one of the others and won't be on this list. 16) - Xin Zhao (Secret Agent) March 2015 - He very well might be a priority candidate of a pending Diver update, which would explain his neglect. 15) - Warwick (Marauder) February 2015 - The other announced VGU that will hopefully be released before Spring Break. 14) - Malzahar (Snow Day) December 2014 - Another mention from my last year's list, since it has been forever if you dismiss Snow Day (almost Pre Yorick). I thought we would be seeing something new for him after the MYMU. A little surprised he is still here, since he doesn't have any top tier skins. He's the first on this list that is officially two years out since the last skin. 13) - Evelynn (Safecracker) November 2014 - This is the third 2009 champion with only 4 skins to show for their tenure. She has been highly suggested as a top candidate for VGU, though I'm of the opinion it will be next year. All the same, we won't be seeing any Evelynn skins this year. That was not a stealth joke. 12) - Kog'Maw (Battlecast) November 2014 - The beastie is due, but not really hurting in the skin pool size or variety. 11) - Jarvan IV (Fnatic) September 2014 - There are many that argue that ESport skins never count (which means I should have included Elise [Blood Moon January 2015] and Renekton [Prehistoric June 2015]). Well even counting them, Jarvan nearly makes the top ten and was featured on my last year's list. I believe he is classified as a Diver, which might be why he hasn't seen any attention. 10) - Veigar (Final Boss) August 2014 - I'm honestly not surprised that Veigar has been passed over this year. He does have a fairly healthy skin pool, though it lacks a 1350. I would be surprised to see him in a list next year. 9) - Heimerdinger (Hazmat) July 2014 - I'm chalking this neglect up to the amount of work that goes into a Heimer skin. I don't think Alien Invader stands up to the quality of present 1820 skins, though we can't pretend he doesn't have one. However with it locked up in the vault, it would be nice to have a top tier skin regularly available. Hopefully we won't be seeing Heimer on this list again. 8) - Zyra (SKT) May 2014 - Grumble about Esports not counting, but it honestly doesn't move Zyra around much in this list (she jumps past Rumble but loses a spot to Talon). She's another champion that requires a lot of work for new skins. 7) - Rumble (Super Galaxy) April 2014 - Rumor has it that there are issues with the model that hold Rumble back. I don't believe he's even been mentioned as a VGU candidate, so this could be what I started calling the Kennen factor. Kennen was #8/4 last year for no apparent reason. 6) - Viktor (Creator) October 2013 - At this point, seeing Viktor on this list is almost a running gag for me. I honestly have no idea why he isn't getting skins. No mention for VGU and barely touched in the MYMU. Let's see if he can get the top spot next year. 5) - Shen (TPA) May 2013 - Even including ESPort skins, Shen holds a spot in the top 5. I think there may be some hesitation to release a skin on Shen with rumors of him getting more attention in a future roster update. He might be here a while. Better luck next year, Viktor. 4) - Cassiopeia (Jade Fang) February 2013 - The only top five that would not be top five if you removed the ESports (seriously Talon vaults to second place when you do that). Like Malzahar, I thought we were going to see something for her after the MYMU. 3) - Swain (Tyrant) May 2012 - Passed over as a major project in the MYMU under the statement that he would require a full VGU, Swain sits on his meager skin pool under the promise of a rework. If there was ever a champion to spearhead a relaunch of Noxus lore, this is the guy to do it with. 2) - Urgot (Battlecast) March 2012 - Another big name in the VGU candidates. I would be more surprised if Urgot was passed over than Evelynn. With any hope, Urgot will be the next VGU when Warwick is completed. Then everyone can have their Star Guardian Urgot in time for Christmas. 1) - Yorick (Pentakill/Undertaker) June 2011 - Fresh off the rework, I'm a little surprised nothing has hit the PBE for our Gravedigger. I don't expect him to hold this spot much longer, though he still will possess one of the smallest skin pools in the game when compared to the timing of his release.
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