Victorious Aatrox Design Poll

Hello! I just wanted to create a board for people to express their opinions on the Victorious Aatrox skin. I want this to be more about the skin itself and not the fact that Aatrox was picked over another champion. I’ve attached a poll to make it easier for any Player or Riot Employee to see what the community’s opinion is on the skin! Please feel free to discuss below! Be respectful and please voice your opinion on the matter. Change can’t happen if we don’t voice our concerns. Edit: Please upvote so other people can see this and vote as well! Skin: Edit 2: After getting some comments it has been brought to my attention that this feedback isn’t as constructive as it could be! In the comments, please add what you feel specifically could be improved, and also what you do like about the skin in its current state. How can it be improved? What is lacking? What don’t you like about the current iteration? Etc. This information will give Riot Employees more of an indication about what specifically isn’t landing with fans. For example, I really love the wings on the skin but am not a fan of the outfit or his headgear. Thanks again! All your input is welcome and appreciated. Just remember to be respectful.
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