Why is Senna a champion at all?

So.... Apparently hitting Thresh's lantern causes the spirits to all pop out of his lantern. That kinda makes sense. Also apparently Lucian's dead wife was able to retain her ego while within the lantern due to some newly announced childhood curse, and somehow re-corporialize after she was released from the lantern. It's also pretty nice that she was able to construct a new gun which is some kind of composite formed from other hunter weapons from... within... the lantern? I kinda had the impression that when Thresh kills someone, their body remains behind but their soul pops out like in the game. But somehow she was able to get her body back, and make a gun out of weapon parts from other hunters - did they get sucked into the lantern somehow? Is Thresh's lantern sucking in more than souls? Also if senna has a Thresh/Kalista/Hecarim-like ghost body, why doesn't she glow blue like the other ones, is that also the curse? Also, why is a curse that makes Senna get hunted by supernatural monstrosities want to keep her alive in the lantern? Is it just keeping her alive so it could eat her itself? Does this mean she's gonna get hunted now that she's out of the lantern? What is gonna happen to Senna if the shadow monsters get her, are they not gonna try to eat her? Narritively speaking, doesn't bringing her back like this cheapen her death and subsequent soul-capturing? Why couldn't she just be allowed to pass into the great beyond gracefully? Now don't get me wrong, from a game mechanics perspective a character which both damages and heals at the same time is pretty neat. I can also see the desire to have a kind of "friendly ghost" character since all of the ghosty characters up till now are some malevolent entities tied to the Shadow Isles. However, did Senna really need to be the person to fulfill this role? I guess it's a moot point since the character's already out there, but something like this just leaves me scratching my head.

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