This BETTER be a damn Void champion Riot, you’ve been cock-teasing us with Void lore for about two years now. First, you update Taric and make it so that the Void is basically his arch nemesis since it killed his friends and is basically the antithesis of everything he stands for. Next, you have something in the Void in Aurelion Sol’s color story laughing at him. Ryze’s rework showed us that his master used two world runes to open a Void portal in Icathia. Then, there was that special interaction with Taliyah and Kassadin, basically saying she wants to join in the fight. A while later, we got the Universe page that told us that Jax was Icathian. After that, there was mention of the Great Void War during the Demacia event that came with Galio’s update. Then we got brief mention of the Void in that journal during the Vastaya event that came with Xayah and Rakan. A little while later, we got possible reference to the Void in Nami’s comic. With Swain’s release, we’re reasonably certain that Kassadin’s daughter is alive. And now THIS. I swear, if this ends up another misunderstanding like those times people thought Shen and Aurelion Sol were getting skins, I am going to be pissed beyond all reasonable belief. ~~Please tell me in the comments if I’ve missed something.~~
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