Who or what is Buhru?

Martyr's Gambit
Martyr's Gambit "Battle is not a test of strength. It is a test of will." - Buhru Proverb Availability Tier Stats Active Unique: Binds yourself to the target allied champion for the next 3 seconds, redirecting 60% of all damage dealt to them to yourself. 30 second cooldown.
So I was looking through the items for the new featured game mode: Black Market Brawler, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out ALL OF THEM have flavour text! I felt so happy! But then I looked over the text for Martyr's Gambit, and it says the following: > "Battle is not a test of strength. It is a test of will." - Buhru Proverb I dunno If I've missed something or not, so I'm gonna ask, does anyone know what Buhru means? Because looking at the item it looks like a sea monster skull, which made me think Bilgewater or perhaps the natives of the Blue Flame Isles. But the manner of speech from the quote and it being a proverb kinda makes me lean to it being Ionian. So what is Buhru? The name of the indigenous people of the Blue Flame Isles? An Ionian order? Something else entirely? EDIT: We have an answer curtesy of Meddler! Buhru is in fact one of the Blue Flame Islands, making it the second location there we've come to know about after Bilgewater.
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