This Varus thing makes riot seem super scary. . ..

Basically shows they can change something that a lot of people love for a weak reason knowing all the while and admitting that people won't like it and basically just say "Sorry but, so what?" From the leaked short bio to now riot had made it clear they were aware of how polarising this change would be. But yet still go through with it anyway is just so jarring it feels like the big guy throwing their weight around. And it feels like a change for the sake of change. They said they changed Varus to make him more up to-date with the current league, but they could have done that with just the Darkin change tbh. On many comments by rioters when ask how this updated him the main points basically are a. Darkin and b. Not motivated by vengeance. But he still is motivated by vengeance, the Darkin (named **Varus**) main goal is still revenge and now against a larger group of people, being all people. Also when I saw that a music video for varus' lore update came out, I just laughed. I laughed because I knew that meant unless their was a unanimous hate, it mattered not what is said or how we feel, this change is permanent. That feels reaaally sneaky. And I think a really dirty thing was Val and Kai being gay angle. I don't think, hope they didn't do it for this reason, but then being gay basically meant no matter the backlash of killing old Varus, that a lot of people would be congratulating riot on just simply making a gay character. I really wonder what the reaction would have been if they changed everything they did and left his/their sexuality ambiguous. It just feels like no matter how unnecessary, unwanted or even bad the change they would still get compliments. EDIT; sorry if this is cancerous to read, wrote this like 4:30 am while extremely tired, might make changes later
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