New Roadmap ! Reav3 can you give us an update on the Tier 1 VGU list you mentioned one year ago ?

Champion Roadmap: January 2018 - Nexus
It's 2018, which means another year of new champions and VGUs has begun! I thought now would be a great time to talk about some of the Champions Team's plans for the year. Let's skip the long intro and get right into what you all came here for: sweet, sweet champion teasers.
After {{champion:39}} , {{champion:84}} is confirmed to be reworked next. Furthermore Reav3 spoilered us with a {{champion:20}} VGU. Riot Xenogenics might be reworking him =) We also now that Wrekz is doing a minor VGU, likely to be {{champion:25}} . So August is doing a female VGU -> I think it's {{champion:10}} because they will duo update both and there is no other high priority female VGU left ^^ I think we will see {{champion:82}} , {{champion:80}} , {{champion:33}} , {{champion:106}} , {{champion:9}} , {{champion:36}} and {{champion:35}} after 2018. Tier 1 VGU list one year ago ->

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