Really Riot? Emotes Cost RP?

Come on now Riot I thought yall were comin up with was for players to dump their excess IP (soon to be essence) and when I got to check the emotes your pricing them with RP? I mean you charged IP for runes and they actually have an impact on gameplay. Don't tell me your gonna try to keep it like that because i can promise you I'm not spending a cent on this stuff knowing that the emotes for blizz games are practically handed out just for playing the games (sometimes just there by default too). With skins for champs and wards I understand you can see that stuff all the time will your playing without it disturbing you but you only see emotes for a little while and it pulls you away from gameplay to pay attention to them. I don't know I might be overreacting but when i went to the store thinking that it was just some silly new content to make playing superficially more fun I was feeling good about it and then I saw they cost RP and my first thought was "wtf riot...", then I checked the pricing and thought "I could buy a skin for the same price as a few of these trinkets that mean absolutely nothing to gameplay". At least skins have visually pleasing movements and something you can almost always enjoy in game. Does anyone else feel like Riot just gave us the finger?
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