Community Lore Survey: If you were a champion...

Let's say you won a contest, and Riot has given you the opportunity to put "yourself" in the game, as it were. You know, a character of your design. **Who would you serve?** (Would you serve one of the great nations? One of the city-states? Would you hail from the Shadow Isles? Or would you be an independent wild card?) **What three champions would you have connections to?** **What would your role be?** **What would be your weapon of choice?** (League champions fight with all sorts of wild things. What would you fight with?) **What would your champion's gender be?** (Presumably this would be your own gender as well, but hey, I'm not your mother!) ----- The idea here is to get a measure for how the landscape of champions and factions would look if a ton of players had a chance to be represented in the game. Sure, I could just ask "Which faction do you like most?", but I feel like the picture this type of survey paints is so much more fascinating. I will begin, as an example. **[WHO WOULD YOU SERVE?]** Ionia. I love a scrappy defender, and if I had the chance, I'd want to be in there holding back the invasion with them. **[WHAT THREE CHAMPIONS WOULD YOU HAVE CONNECTIONS TO?]** Irelia (comrade-in-arms), Darius (bitter rival), LeBlanc (forbidden love...? This one is largely a meta take on her being my former main, to be honest.) **[WHAT WOULD YOUR ROLE BE?]** Definitely a supportank. Ionia needs more tanks! **[WEAPON OF CHOICE?]** Fitting Ionia, I'd fight with a naginata type weapon. My theoretical champion would use sweeping strikes to keep enemies at bay. ... Hmm, now I have an idea for a champion concept... **[WHAT WOULD YOUR CHAMPION'S GENDER BE?]** Male. So let's hear it, from anyone interested. The game may have lost me, but the lore hasn't, and I'm really interested to see what it would look like if we all had a chance to make our "inner champion" a part of it. **UPDATE:** When a reply gets my creative juices going, I'll reply to it with a cobbled together kit idea as my brain is seeing it, just for fun. ----- # The Numbers Thus Far... * **ORIGINS** * 2 champions are from **Demacia**. * 4 champions are from **Ionia**. * 6 champions are from **Zaun** (1 operates in Bilgewater, 1 operates in Ionia, 1 operates in Noxus). * 1 champion is from the **Freljord** (1 operates in Zaun). * 2 champion is from **Piltover**. * 1 champion is from **Shurima**. * 4 champions are **Independent**. * 2 champions have miscellaneous affiliations. * 1 serves the **Darkin**. * 1 is a part of the **Void**. * 1 is from **Icathia**. * 1 is from the **Kumungu Jungle**. * **CONNECTIONS** * Submitted champions share **friendly** relations with 41 canon champions. * Submitted champions share **antagonistic** relations with 17 canon champions. * Submitted champions share **complicated** relations with 11 canon characters. * **ROLES** * 6 champions are **supports** (1 is a tank). * 4 champions are **assassins**. * 1 champion is a **marksman**. * 5 champions are **junglers** (1 is a tank, 1 is an assassin). * 4 champions are **mages**. (1 is an assassin). * 4 champions are **midlaners** (1 can also support). * 2 champions are **bruisers**. * 2 champions are **toplaners**. * **WEAPONS** * 8 champion is **melee**. * 9 champions are **ranged**. * 4 champions are **casters**. * 3 champions' basic attacks are uncertain. * **GENDER DISTRIBUTION** * 19 champions are **male**. * 4 champions are **female**. * 1 champion is a wisp. **EDIT:** GOODNESS this took off. Thanks to everyone who got in on this! It's really fun to read through everyone's concepts. I'm having trouble keeping up with the statistics above, though, so I may quit keeping them for the sake of my eyes. :P Would love to keep reading everyone's ideas, though, and coming up with theoretical kits when a concept floods my brain with ideas!
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