Looking at Odyssey, I can't help but think of how it interprets Malphite's character.

So {{champion:54}}'s original lore was that he was pulled from a hivemind dimension of sorts into Runterra by Summoners in the IoW to participate in the games. The most up to date lore is basically this but without the IoW. "There is a world of perfect harmony, where all are part of the whole. The Monolith is the essence of all creation, and its denizens are but singular pieces of it. It is beautiful in its symmetry, and in its almost complete lack of uncertainty. The rocky beings that live there know their place and work to fulfill their duties to the fullest extent, functioning almost as a superorganism or hive. Malphite has always strived to live up to his full potential, as his own personal part of the whole, serving the role of a distinguished creature questing to enforce his people's flawless vision of order. One day, without warning, a dimensional rift opened, and he was pulled to the world of Runeterra. The transition was painful and terrifying for him, as he was cut off from the song of his people and the Monolith - things that had been ever-present in him since the day he was born. He raged, trapped in this new realm - Runeterra - a world that had nearly been consumed by its disharmony. Yet, it was a world that needed protectors to bring order out of chaos. It was to that end that the rock-creature found his true purpose. Looking past his own fear and apprehension, Malphite could see that Runeterra needed him. Today, he hammers those who would seek to upset Valoran's movement toward order, especially turning his attention to those that wield chaotic magic. Unfortunately, Malphite has also begun to change, as he has been forced to face his own profound loneliness among the world's vibrant individuality." Now it's not much of a hivemind, but that's not the point I'm going to make. The point that I'm making is that this paints Malphite as a very selfless figure. You know what it doesn't paint? Much character, but that's more because the lore for Malphite hasn't been fleshed out. Then I saw the Odysessy video, and while skins are not 100% canon, they can share similar traits of a character's personality. A skin, is basically representing the champion if they grew up in a different world so to speak. So what's the Odysessy video do for Malphite? Well, it gives him a little more character, specifically in the Ship Bottle making scene. Now granted we could just lump Malphite into "gentle giant" territory with how he's working on a ship in a bottle, a hoppy that requires more delicacy and finesse then Malphite has, but I believe it also showcases something more interesting in Malphite. It shows that he's creative. He has a somewhat artistic side that can get very violent when frustrated (when he smashes the table after he breaks the ship by accident). Could we see this in Runterran Malphite? Could he just be stacking rocks on top of rocks to form monuments in his free time? Then we had the birthday party, where Malphite shields his slice of cake to eat it. This showcases that Malphite is either, A) A person who doesn't like to share, or B) doesn't want Jinx to steal his piece (considering it's Jinx, I don't blame him). But if it is A, could this mean that Runterran Malphite doesn't like sharing the rocks/land he is on? Maybe carving out his own area and smashing others who come in? Kind of a poor analysis on my part, I apologize but I didn't have as much freetime as I would have liked and couldn't get as much as I would have wanted analyzed. I'm still excited in how Riot may take Malphite's character, even if everything in the trailer was just for comedic effect.

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