Hi! I'm an italian designer who, for a few months i'm working on a project that really fascinates me so much: A Manga of Lol. So, a few months ago i've started the project, inspired on my team. It is also a special present for my friends, who play with me, but it won't contain only the champions of my team... it will contain a lot of champions from other teams that fight versus the lead team. After some weeks, lots of my designer friends started to collaborate with me, and now we are a big team. We already have the title, the logo, the characters, the story, the enemy, a lot of sketches, the prologue and other more. So, it is a serious project and... when I see the page with the community collab comics collection I said: WHHHAAATTT??!!! IT EXISTS???!!!! So, I'd like to collaborate with the Riot Games. I'm working and I'll working free of charge, only for love of drawing and comics. So...i've the prologue ready made, like the logo and the story. If you want, i can post it. PS. Sorry for my english probably wrong, but i'm, like I already said, italian. I hope that you'll read this discussion...i care a lot. Thanks.
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