Taric's Four Year Wait for a new skin...

With the upcoming rework, I just want to make it clear that those of us who like Taric (and there's a lot of us) would really appreciate some attention in the skin department. The Gem Man hasn't had a new skin since way back in **2011!** I don't think that there's a single champion who's had such a lack of attention in the skin department. Even EVELYN, who you guys have said multiple times wouldn't get a new skin until her rig was redone, got Safecracker recently. For a champion with such an emphasis on looking good, he's really been ignored. Is there any chance that we might see a skin released alongside his rework, since unlike most of the other reworks (Sion/Twitch/Tristana/Poppy), you only have 3 skins (instead of like six) to redo along with his base model? Throw us a fashion bone, Riot!
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