Piltover lacks a villain! (It's time for crime)

Hello summoners, am I the only one noticing that the Piltover champion roster is just a bunch of heroes? Let's take a look at the champions from this region. {{champion:51}} Sheriff fighting the crime in Piltover, good girl {{champion:164}} Sassy cyborg bladeleg lady, she is an anti-hero, kills to serve her city {{champion:81}} Bishonen Indiana Jones, some people even declare him as protagonist of the game {{champion:74}} Scientist with (at least it seems) high moral standards {{champion:126}} Pictured as a hero by himself and society (mostly himself), his intentions are good {{champion:61}} A woman, who sacrificed her body and humanity to save other people {{champion:254}} She **used** to be a criminal, but fights for law now, saving people in lore We lack a champion on the evil side of the spectrum here, all the champions from Piltover share the good alignment. ________________________________________________________________ But why is that relevant? Well, in the beginning of this game, the regions were way more onedimensional. Demacia was the "good fantasy region". Noxus was the "evil fantasy region". Piltover was the "good steampunk region". Zaun the "evil steampunk region". However, the lore developed further than this and the regions get pictured more ambiguous. Zaun is showing this progress pretty well. We have many different alignments coming from there. To call out some examples: **Good Zaunites** {{champion:245}} Young idealist, wants to make Zaun a better place for his family and friends {{champion:40}} Who needs a hug from the protecting wind deity? {{champion:154}} Lives by the moral code from his parents, trying to become a hero **Evil Zaunites** {{champion:6}} Shreds people cause they didn't prove to be worth {{champion:27}} For further information, ask Warwick about his encounter with this guy {{champion:29}} Wants to make everything as stinky as himself **Neutral Zaunites** {{champion:115}} Likes to blow up property of other people, but still has conscience {{champion:112}} Just wants to see his glorious evolution become reality Zaun proved to be a pretty diverse region in this regard now. I want Piltover to have the same. We have "Piltover's Finest" as the police there, yet the only criminals we read them fighting were Zaunites like Jinx or spies from Noxus. _________________________________________________________________ A city like Piltover has alot of room for evil characters. Maybe an assassin in maid outfit, obsessed with her "master" (leader of a house) and willing to kill everyone she gets told to, just to secure the profit from her master's business? Maybe a thief, stealing from the famous bank in Piltover (the Eclyptic Vaults) and killing people in his way? Maybe a corrupt member of high society? Hell, maybe a crazy psychotic serial killer with a hextech chainsaw? _________________________________________________________________ What are your thoughts about this? Would you like to see a Piltie gone bad? What kind of evil characters from there would you like to see in the future? Discuss! https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/c/c6/Piltover_Crest.png/revision/latest?cb=20161117163225

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