Can we give Caitlyn's hextech rifle a name?

Another thread made me aware of this, Caitlyn's hextech rifle doesn't have a name and I think this is kinda weird. Alot of firearms owned by champions from Runeterra have an unique name, like: {{champion:104}} New Destiny (former Destiny) {{champion:202}} Whisper {{champion:222}} Pow-Pow, Zap, and Fishbones {{champion:18}} Boomer {{champion:21}} Shock and Awe But we don't know of any name for Caitlyn's rifle, even if this weapon should actually be really dear to her, since it was a gift from her beloved parents. If Caitlyn gets any new lore in the next time, I would love to see this. I want a beautiful name for it, which I can use instead of always have to type out "Caitlyn's hextech rifle". {{sticker:sg-soraka}}

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