Small theory on Syndra's powers

Hi everyone! Your boy Falrein here bringing you some more Syndra discussions! We know that there are several magic types in Runeterra, such as Lux's light magic, Lissandra's ice magic, the Darkins' blood magic, etc... But that lead me to wonder, what _is_ Syndra's magic? Well, let's see! ______________________________________________ Syndra's magic has very different use. We've seen her use powerful telekinesis > With a sharp intake of air, she realized she was looking at the silhouette of the greatest towers and ramparts hanging against the night sky. It hadn’t collapsed into the sea—it had been ripped from the island, and lifted toward the heavens. As well as conjuring Dark Spheres who have some weird effects on souls > With a horrible, sucking sound, three orbs of utter darkness materialised in the air around Syndra, and began to slowly orbit her. They seemed to swallow the scant light in the cavern, and pull at Sirik’s soul, a vile sensation of loathing and despair clutching at her. She was also able to manifest her crown out of thin air > As Sirik watched, both horrified and fascinated, a helm—or perhaps a crown—grew into existence upon Syndra’s head. It coiled around her brow, like darkness given life, to form a pair of tall, curving horns. A bead of pure shadow formed at its center, becoming as hard as a gemstone, and burning with the same power that bled from her in waves. And last but not least, she has some sort of magical fallout that effects the Spirit Magic > It flared with volatile strength, the orbs like pearls of negativity that leached the spirit magic from the world around her, draining the ghost-willow of its life essence. ______________________________________ Now if we think this through, it doesn't make much sense: what's the link between these things? Well, there isn't really... At first, I thought it was a form of Spirit Magic (since Spirit Magic seems to be really vague), and it would work pretty well with the soul thingy... But it doesn't make much sense with the telekinesis and the crown creation... And why the magical fallout...? So I started thinking even more... And [this comment of Scathelocke]( gave me an idea. Her soul-related power could still be associated with Spirit Magic, as that would make sense... But there's more to it. ##**_~~Syndra, the power to warp reality through her will?~~_** So here it is, my big theory. I think Syndra's powers are a form of reality warping that allow her to manifest her will onto magic and turn it into whatever she wants. Oviously it would have limits (I don't think she can open a giant black hole, for example), but it's entirely possible. It could explain the telekinesis and the crown creation, she warps reality to make that happen (well you could say magic _is_ a form of reality warping, but the point here is that she can warp reality to her will instinctively, not through spells and knowledge). And since she doesn't exactly control that power, when she gets angry, it goes wild and could explain why she's so dangerous (remember that time she sent shockwaves throughout Fae'lor? I believe that's her power going full berserk, and not something she actually controls). _But Fal, that doesn't explain her magical fallout..._ Well, I did think about that too. Magic is often believed to come with a price. Ryze turned blue, for instance. Elise has to feed humans to her "god" to stay young/beautiful. Each of the three sisters lost something in their quest for power, etc, etc. Syndra's magical fallout is her magic leaching on Spirit Magic, and I think it's an effect of that. You may be familiar with Lavoisier, a famous chemist who once said _**"Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed"**_ I believe some of the magic she uses is transformed into wastes and leaches onto Spirit Magic as counterpart to it. ___________________________________ I know there isn't *that* much evidence to support that theory, but I actually think it makes sense. It could explain pretty much everything she does, her Spirit Magic being related to souls, and her Reality Warping allowing her to do everything else she's done, her magical fallout being the "wastes" of magic leaching the ambient Spirit Magic. I know this is a really, really strong ability, even when limited, but I think it would be fitting. She would have limits (her being human is already one), but I think it would be interesting, and so far that's the only logical explanation (well, it's magic, it doesn't have to be logical, but I believe Riot is better than just "it's magic, it explains everything") I've found. Anyway, let me know what you think! Do you think it's possible? Would you like it? Or do you think it's way too OP?
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