Why are we retconning Lissandra and the Frozen Watchers?

Her lore was technically updated (or rather, the new way of writing lore started with her (when we started ignoring the IoW)). Why are we changing her whole story? She used to be this cunning "plans within plans" kind of person, but now she's all over the place. She's completely flipped on her stance with the Watchers (who are barely the same thing anymore). Lissandra's promo video, her long quote on the howling abyss and such are all pointless and meaningless now. Why? The lore was already so intricate! It really painted a picture of what Lissandra was about, showing how many irons she had in the fire and such. The new Lissandra is so painfully unappealing. Are we going to redo her voice lines to match her lore?
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