So have we forgiven the lore team?

This Bilgewater event was awesome, but, I personally haven't forgiven the lore team for Shurima yet, nor will I any time soon. They essentially butchered the lore of a handful of champions for a half baked idea, then decided to go back and retcon summoners before they had even fixed their first mistake, destroying yet more lore in the process, and making the quotes, lore, and identity of champions become nothing but jibber jabber. Sona still calls me summoner, so does Cho'gath. But apperantly I don't exist anymore. Lee Sin's entire identity revolves around Summoners, and he still has that lore up. But it's not even cannon anymore. So what gives? Again, the event was good, but who are we trying to kid? A week and a half for months worth of constant bull shit isn't fixing anything. It's a step in the right direction, but god knows how many times the lore team has done that and immediately dove right back into the shit and muk we cried out against Lore team, I still think you're dead. If this is all your months of "planning" has bore, then I don't want anymore events. I just want my favorite champions to have some lore that is actually relevant to their identities. As far as I'm conerned, the Lore Team hasn't been doing their job for a long time now, and this event is nothing more than a meager attempt to make it seem like they are doing what they're being paid to do. You know, we joked for a time about how Lee Sin was never going to be nerfed, but despite that he got the worst nerf of them all. His Identity was removed from him. Riot, plx, reconsider your way of doing things. How is Lee Sin going to make anymore LCS BIG PLAYS without his lore?
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