Top 10 Most Powerful Champions [Lore]

_I've made these 'Top 10 Most Powerful Champions' threads in the past, but, now, I decided to make one that is a bit prettier and also add a few new champions. I've made most of these lists on EUNE/EUW Boards, but I honestly think I'll get a bit more attention here. I am only covering champions who's lore isn't connected to the Institute of War, and I will also look at the champions in their current state._ #10 Aatrox {{champion:266}} _"This battle will be my masterpiece."_ **_This ancient of war is as old as the land itself. As a part of the nearly extinct race called the 'Darkin', this demon appears as a gift from the Gods, but appearance can often be missleading. He gives the losing warriors victory, but he takes away their honor. He inspires them into killing anything in their path, be it a man, woman or child. He brings with him destiny worse than death itself._** **** #9 Pantheon {{champion:80}} _"It is a privilage to die at my feet."_ **_Pantheon is more than just a mere mortal. He is an entity who controls the bodies of those who are worthy. He is an Aspect of War who blesses mortals with his might. Though his mortal body has limits, his spirit can never truly die. However, even with those limits, Pantheon is a one man army._** **** #8 Lissandra {{champion:127}} _"I will bury the world in ice."_ **_Blessed by the Watchers themselves, Lissandra is a force to be reckoned with. Though her ice powers are nearly unmatched, she decides to manipulate her enemies into destroying themselves, leaving nothing to stand against her Frozen Crusade._** **** #7 Renekton {{champion:58}} _"As I live, all will die!"_ **_Renekton is an Ascended, which already puts this monster way above many competitors. His brute strength cannot be matched by any mortals. However, he was driven insane which puts him in a worse spot than any other Ascended. Fortunately for him, that doesn't matter in a fight against mortals or even some immortals as one slice of his weapon can end any fight._** **** #6 Azir {{champion:268}} _"Shurima, your Emperor has returned!"_ **_Azir never wanted to Ascend, though he was tricked into doing so by his advisor Xerath. His power is undeniable though, as he managed to rebuild his fallen empire in a matter of seconds by only using sand. This former Emperor has his whole nation standing by his side, deffending him from whatever threat there may be._** **** #5 Xerath {{champion:101}} _"I will be free!"_ **_The Ascended with the most potential of all, this abomination got his powers by tricking his former Emperor. Not much can be told about this monster. His body is chained, which keeps him from unleashing his full potential, but, if he was able to do so, he would easily overpower most of his foes. However, even with those chains, he can still overpower all who stand in his way._** **** #4 Nasus {{champion:75}} _"The cycle of life and death continues: we will live, they will die."_ **_Fueled by the power of Kindred itself, Nasus gets stronger by every kill. He is believed to be as old as Shurima, as old as Runeterra, and, since then, he only kept getting stronger and stronger. One hit from his 'axe' can take away one's life in a matter of moments. Tasked with guarding Shurima, he seeks revenge against Xerath and his crazed brother Renekton._** **** #3 Kindred {{champion:203}} _"Never one- without the other."_ **_Not much is known about this creature, except for the fact that it is death itself. There are many stories about this creature, but it is no story that this creature is one of the most powerful beings known to men. Unfortunately for her, she is bound to Runeterra and there are few beings that defy her powers, which are named the undead._** **** #2 Aurelion Sol {{champion:136}} _"Naturally."_ **_This celestial dragon is one of the most powerful beings to ever exist. He forges stars, he is considered to be the center of the universe, he is definitely far beyond any previously mentioned level of power. Unfortunately for the star dragon, he is enslaved. The Targonians control him, and, until he breaks free, he will not be able to stand against one more celestial that hasn't been mentioned yet..._** **** #HONORABLE MENTIONS **** #1 Bard {{champion:432}} _"Blob blob mothercluckers."_ **_The most powerful being in the entire universe at the moment would have to be Bard. He can travel through dimensions, realities, worlds, he can stop time. He guards Runeterra from all threats. The thing that shows his power the most, though, is that, well, he doesn't care about certain events. He didn't find the Watchers, nor the Ascension of Xerath a threat. He knows more than any mortal does, and, is currently in a much better spot than Aurelion Sol. The reason why he is at the top of this list is mostly because Aurelion Sol is enslaved, though even if he wasn't, Bard could most likely defeat Aurelion Sol, judging by Aurelion's ego. And, that is why Bard takes the first place as the most powerful champion in the League of Legends._** **** #Champions That Could've Made It If They Were Still 'Canon': I put in a lot of work on this list, so, an upvote would be greatly appriciated. After all, it doesn't cost you anything. I hope you enjoyed the list.
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