It's time for a new Diana skin

Here are the facts: 1. Diana is the oldest champion with only two skins. 2. Diana's last skin was released almost two years ago. 3. Syndra, a champion released after Diana, is soon to get her third new skin since Lunar Goddess was released. 4. Diana's popularity is fairly low but very consistent. 5. Syndra's popularity is lower than Diana's. 6. Diana's win rate sits consistently around 50%. 7. Diana is freaking awesome and beautiful and has a great story. 8. I will spend all of the money for a new Diana skin and I will pay full price for it the moment it comes out because I adore her. 9. I can't possibly be the only one who thinks so. Because she's awesome. To all of you who will go look at my stats and tell me how my opinion doesn't matter because I suck at League: shush. Diana definitely deserves a new skin and YOU ALL KNOW IT. Here are two phenomenal ideas by [GisAlmeida]( on deviantART: [Moons of Neptune Diana]( [Eclipse Diana]( And if neither of those tickle your fancy, Riot, here are so more ideas courtesy of my genius brain (with some inspiration from random places. Like pre-existing skins and conversations with people who TOTALLY AGREE WITH ME): Arclight Diana - white and gold and glowy, oh my! Elderwood Diana - green and nature-inspired, à la Hecarim Moon Guardian Diana - a pissed-off Sailor Moon Aurora Diana - all shifty multicoloured and pretty Galactic Diana - as above, but starry That enough inspiration for you? Aaaaaaand GO!

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